To be the industry’s premier organization providing best practices for safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly aircraft operations, serving aircraft performance, flight operations and weight and balance professionals.


To promote the science and profession of aircraft performance, weight and balance and flight operations engineering by engaging, compiling, encouraging, enhancing and disseminating knowledge and best practices worldwide, for the continuous education and improvement of the aviation industry.

Value Proposition


  • Have access to the latest and greatest information related to Flight Operations, Aircraft Performance and Weight and Balance subjects
  • Learn about new and emerging technologies that support Flight Operations, Aircraft Performance and Weight and Balance o Network with other members via conferences, committees, SAPOE website and other communication formats
  • Participate with students, young professionals, industry experts and members of the public to promote the science and profession around the globe
  • Have access to job opportunities specific to our membership interests
  • Have fun!


  • OEMs, Regulators, Civil Airplane Operators, Airports and Service providers will benefit by having more capable professionals in Aircraft Performance, Flight Operations and Weight and Balance areas
  • Professionals more oriented to the continued improvement of flight safety and efficiency fostered by SAPOE
  • Have access to global talent pool experts
  • Expert knowledge base on complicated topics when assisting Regulators and ANSPs with complex changes
  • One stop shop for airports and ANSPs to discuss complex airside and airspace changes

Public / Community

  • Improved flight safety
  • Enhanced passenger experiences (comfort, economics, efficiency)
  • More environmental friendly solutions (eg lower noise, CO2 and NOx emissions)


Officers of the Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers are elected to serve two-year terms. Elections are held at annual conventions. Officers may be contacted via email at [email protected]

Kristine Henning


Craig Nordstrom

Craig Nordstrom


John Gadzinski

John Gadzinski


Mignon Hoover



Walt Blake

Walt Blake


eduardo aguilar

Eduardo Aguilar

Digital Overlord

Committee representatives


Emeritus Members

These members have served as Officers of SAPOE in the past or have greatly contributed to the advancement of the society.

Roy Maxwell

Roy Maxwell

President 2009-2012

Brian Chapman​

Brian Chapman

Vice-President 2009-2010

Ravin Agarwal

Ravin Agarwal

Secretary 2009-2016

Mike Byham

Mike Byham​

President 2015-2018
Treasurer 2009-2014

Paul Giesman

Paul Giesman

President 2013-2014
Vice-President 2011-2012


Jorge Lasso

Vice-President 2013-2014

Kristine Henning​

Kristine Henning

Secretary 2017-2018

Jack Wilschke

Jack Wilschke

Treasurer 2015-2018

Paul Hannah, President

Paul Giesman

President 2019-2021

Dave Green

Dave Green

Vice-President 2015-2018

Roesney Santos, Secretary

Roesney Santos

Secretary 2019-2021