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Dear Geon-Sik,

Although it is difficult to say the final word before obtaining the source data, I will try to provide some feedback.

To begin with, there are multiple points which should be considered when including EOSIDs into FMS NDBs.

– Designed EOSID should be based on NDB of latest AIRAC Cycle and FTD should have the respective NDB uploaded.

– Path Terminators (ARINC 424) should be clearly and correctly coded in NDB and FMS version should be able to support the path terminators used for EOSID.

– EOSID can be activated at Secondary Flight Plan only before Diversion Point which means Decision Point in your EOSID is recommended to be the same as Diversion Point.

– If the EOSID is not activated before the Diversion Point aircraft will fly the SID.

I hope the feedback above would be useful.

Best regards,