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Mike Byham

Chet – below is what we have in our Flight Ops Manual (FOM) on dispatching into known icing conditions. Our (US Airways) Dispatcher Ops Manual refers to the FOM on this subject. It appears that although we supply the data we do not provide specific guidance for its use. Hope this helps.

Mike Byham

12.3.3 Dispatch into Known Icing Conditions
A. No aircraft will be dispatched through known or forecast severe icing
conditions. Aircraft may be dispatched through other known or
forecast icing conditions if requirements of the MEL are met.
B. Captains and Dispatchers must recognize the limitations of antiicing
equipment in moderate or severe icing conditions. It is used
as an aid in descending or ascending through icing conditions. No
aircraft will be dispatched, continue to operate enroute or land
when, in the opinion of the Captain or Dispatcher, icing conditions
are expected that might adversely affect safety.
C. Takeoffs will not be made when frost, snow or ice is adhering to the
wings or control surfaces of the aircraft. (14 CFR 121.629)
D. Condensation frost, caused by super-cooled fuel, is permitted on the
lower wing surface between the front and rear spars (bottom of fuel
tank area), if the fuselage and all other control surfaces of any kind
are free of contamination. If deicing is required on any other aircraft
surface, the under wing condensation frost will also be removed.
E. In those cases where there is some question as to the necessity of
deicing the aircraft before takeoff, the Captain’s decision will be