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    Armando Gonzales

    I’m working a consulting project with an Embraer operator. They tell me that Embraer does not have an APM (Airplane Performance Monitoring) software solution like Boeing/Airbus. Can any Embraer folks (or E-jet operators) confirm this and/or answer either of the following:
    1. If there is no APM software for the E-jets, is that on Embraer’s roadmap?
    2. What alternative approaches (if any) are the E-jet operators using to factor fuel predictions on the flight plans (I have some ideas, but interested to hear others)?


    Jose Rui Godoy

    Hi Armando,

    Yes, Embraer has an APM software, but it is a separate solution, not included as a module of a single performance software, such as BPS or PEP.
    I recommend your customer to send an email to Embraer Flight Operations Support at opereng@embraer.com.br to request for more information.

    Jose Godoy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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