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    Geon-Sik Kim

    Dear All,

    FMS provides EOSID function to pop-up special Procedure (Engine Out Departure Procedure) at navigation display.
    It is possbile due to preloading of special procedure at FMS NDB.
    We have performed EOSID test at A330 and B737 FTD (Flight Training Device) lately.
    But we found that the aircraft does not follow the special procedure route when one engine failed after V1, so the pilot just operate heading select mode.
    I think the aircaft must follow special procedure with LNAV mode.
    Dear members,
    Could you provide any information regarding EOSID setup if you have applied this function?


    Dear Geon-Sik,

    Although it is difficult to say the final word before obtaining the source data, I will try to provide some feedback.

    To begin with, there are multiple points which should be considered when including EOSIDs into FMS NDBs.

    – Designed EOSID should be based on NDB of latest AIRAC Cycle and FTD should have the respective NDB uploaded.

    – Path Terminators (ARINC 424) should be clearly and correctly coded in NDB and FMS version should be able to support the path terminators used for EOSID.

    – EOSID can be activated at Secondary Flight Plan only before Diversion Point which means Decision Point in your EOSID is recommended to be the same as Diversion Point.

    – If the EOSID is not activated before the Diversion Point aircraft will fly the SID.

    I hope the feedback above would be useful.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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