Interpretation of Airbus (A330) AMM 22-70-00-860-118-B (4)

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    Can anyone give guidance/experience from their airline (current or past) on the following, as this is a situation I have never encountered at any of my previous airlines?

    Each AIRAC cycle the A/C NavDatabase requires updating. We currently have a fleet of A330 and around 50% require update via direct access 3.5″ floppy discs (set of 4 every 28 days). This storage media is increasingly getting difficult to obtain.

    The remainder of the fleet are updated using USB via a portable data loader.

    Engineering seem to insist that the 3.5″ floppy discs are left on the aircraft after every update (but not the portable data loader and/or USB sticks) as the AMM states “AMM 22-70-00-860-118-B (4) Put the media disk(s) back into the storage box in the cockpit.

    This means we are requiring min 24 discs each month, as opposed to one set for the whole fleet, and this is not sustainable with the limited supply of this type of media and seems unnecessary.

    However under CAP 562 refers Leaflet 100-10 it would seem to strongly suggest that Nav DB is DFLD and NOT FLS. Further under CAP 562 Leaflet 100-10 (Appendix 1 FLS and DFLD Control, Tooling and Loading) it states “The Operator can decide where and how to store all media (even FLS).

    I have never encountered such an issue within another airline and we have never kept the discs on the aircraft before.

    I have sought guidance from the manufacturer but, although they agree that Nav DB is DFLD and (even if it was FLS) that we can (as an operator) chose how and where we store it, they will not change the AMM instruction. Our engineering seem to be insistent that unless the AMM is changed then the discs MUST be stored on the aircraft.

    Thoughts? Experience? Comments? Help!!!

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