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    Hi all.
    We operate an A330 fleet with a NavDatabase capacity of 5.0mb / 7.0mb (depending upon AC). This is a GE / FMS2 Thales unit.
    I am advised by our NavData Providor that the entire world on NDB would be around 15mb.
    We do not want to go to 2 separate databases. Do other carriers / operators of A330 have such NDB limitation and if so how do they manage w-wide operations?
    We have managed well so far by being selective on what airports we include, but as time goes by this will prove to take more and more time to manage.
    Second Question: does anybody have access to the IATA FOG (Flight Operations Group) via their Extranet? I used to have access at another airline I worked at but seem unable to access that account or register for a new account, frustratingly I also don’t seem to be able to find any applicable “contact us” e-mail address to assist with registration.
    I would like to access the CAT II Autoland database sharing. We operate to many uncommon airfields and believe this information would be useful to many other operators.

    many thanks

    Lawrence Payne
    AirTanker UK

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