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    Venkatesh Baskaran

    Hello All,

    Happy to be a part of our Society. I am Venkatesh baskaran, working on UAV design and development, from IIT Bombay, India. Earlier, worked with Performance of fighter aircraft. Involved in estimating Performance for Takeoff, Climb, Accn, Decn, STR, Descent, Landing. Calculated thrust from IFTD and PCD. After each flight sortie, the model estimation was validated with the flight test and it would be updated, if needed. Performed Data reduction to Standard conditions since the flight test may be at non-standard atmospheric conditions. Prepared Performance Charts for Pilot Operating Data Manual. All the above work is done for fixed-wing, tail-less aircraft. At present, I work with multirotor UAV, how shall i do the Performance estimation ? For propulsion, BLDC motor and LiPo are used. AUW is 9kg with 2kg payload. Should I do the Wind tunnel test too.?


    Hi Venkatesh, happy to see your post! I just posted an open question regarding UAVs and the role of performance and operations engineers. I’m interested to hear more about your work with multirotor aircraft. What data do you need for your analysis? We have about 200,000 flight trajectories augmented with battery, current, and other data. Feel free to reach out to me at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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