Members Only

Our Members Only Section provides members with valuable membership information as well as the ability to communicate with other members and share information
and data.

Welcome to the Member Only section of the Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers website.

Each area of our Member Only website provides members with valuable information
or the opportunity to share information among members.

  • The News area will contain any newsworthy information regarding SAPOE.
  • The Community area is an online discussion forum where questions can
    be asked and answered and ideas exchanged.
  • The Events area provides up-to-date information on our plans to get together
    as well as information and links on upcoming industry events that are of interest
    to us.
  • The Publications area contains a repository for documents pertaining to aircraft
    performance and weight & balance.
  • The Administrative area provides information pertaining to our organization
    including our members listing, rules of governance and current finances.
  • The Recruitment area is where members can view postings of current career
    opportunities in aircraft performance or weight & balance.

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